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This university develops the knowledge, skills and know-how in the field of biological resources of nature and in organic production. Swedish university is responsible for at least one third of all biological research in Sweden.

The research involves a wide spectrum: from genetic resources to the entire ecosystem; from the natural sciences to the social and design; from basic to applied research. In addition to research and education, the government has entrusted SLU monitoring of the country's forests, agricultural landscapes, lakes, rivers and species in order to analyze the trends of the environment.

This makes the 'University a key figure in the' interpretation and learning changes such as those that may result from a general increase in the temperature of the climate. The department of forest products involves the design, execution of basic or applied research and the 'teaching on wood products or based on this material with the aim to increase knowledge about the raw material and its properties. The major long-term goal is to develop more products and processes oriented to 'environment for the forest industries of wood.

 The research is conducted in the following areas: technology and properties of wood, wood anatomy, ultrastructure of wood and fiber modification of the fiber, Microbial degradation of wood and wood products, wood and mushroom biotechnology, molecular mycology and ecology of mushrooms wood protection and durability in addition to problems related to wood coating.

Were also developed in laboratory tests and treatments outside of the protection of traditional and alternative wood that are accredited in accordance with SS-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. The research centers CRUW, Funcfiber and WURC and also in the conduct of Sciences of the wood.


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