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In 1962, in Turin, Vincenzo Pagnozzi began his original research on the wood vacuum drying process that ended in 1965 with a registered patent.
A company was founded based on this invention and it grew constantly, producing machinery and developing new technologies that generated 89 patents over the first few decades of operation.
In 1975, the company acquired an international outlook through its participation in the Hannover tradeshow in Germany, granting construction licenses in Japan and the United States ( and creating a sales organization that presently operates in and serves all continents.
 And with International distribution in mind, MA.FRA (MASPELL FRANCE),  was established in France in 1990, led by engineer  Michel Jacquier.
In 1994, with the birth of W.D.E. (WOOD DRYNG ENGINEERING), production increased significantly as production processes were optimized, raising the vacuum dryer construction standards to the highest quality levels.
Since its foundation, the company has built more than 5,000 drying systems.
 In 1997 this company model merges with the tradition of wood vacuum drying taking the name WDE-MASPELL, a leader in the sector, counting over 5,000 customers worldwide.
 Since 2000 the WDE MASPELL construction and distribution network on the Chinese market avails itself of the partnership of G.M.I. TIMBER DRYING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING LIMITED ( , directed by Mr. Raymond Yuen.
 In 2002, following the needs of the market, WDE MASPELL BRASIL is founded, a totally Brazilian company directed by Mr. Arnaldo Swolkin.
 In 2008 WDE-MASPELL technology forms a partnership with the Egyptian market and encounters the VAC (, a company led by Mr. Gehad Zakaria.

The vacuum drying system developed by the Pagnozzi family has been studied by some of the world’s leading wood applied research Universities and Institutes that have conducted tests and acquired machinery to verify the effectiveness of the method.


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